Facial Peels

Enerpeels and Tebiskin

Endorsed by Professor Chu (previous Head of Dermatology at Hammersmith Hospital, London), at Feltham Dental Care we offer his clinically proven products ( Tebiskin Range and Synchrorose) to complement clinical facial peels for skin diseases.

Enerpeel technology, made up of a patented carrier solution, restrict surface activity until the ingredients are absorbed and then released.

The carrier solution increases absorption two to three times ( compared to standard equivalent chemical peels ), without excessive exfoliation and surface trauma. They increase fibroblast cells that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid resulting in brighter, fresher skin.

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Treatment details

Each Dermal Filler is priced differently. The price depends on the grade of the filler for the depth of the wrinkle and the amount of gel in the syringe. We always use a topical anaesthetic cream in all cases, even though the syringes contain Lidocaine, which is an anesthetic.

The experience, skill and creativity of the injector is vital to achieving the optimum results with minimal discomfort.Allow 45 minutes for a session of treatment.

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Used in conjunction with specific Tebiskin products for increased efficiency

  • Enerpeel MA for Rosacea sufferers, reducing redness

  • Enerpeel SA for Acne, working to clear Acne symptoms

  • Enerpeel PA for anti-ageing, fading hyperpigmentation, diminishing oily skin for a shine free and even skin tone.

  • Enerpeel JR reduces non inflammatory pigmentation.

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What we can treat with Facial Peels

  • Visible pores

  • Excessive sebum

  • Acne prone skin

  • Revitalisation

  • Dull complexion

  • Wrinkles

  • For softer smoother skin

  • Pigmentation/Melasma

  • Reduce redness in Rosacea

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